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How to get the Perfect Bright Lip

February 1, 2012



Nadia Forde : Beauty Shoot for Stellar magazine

Firstly exfoliate the lip, if you want the perfect base to work on..You can use a soft lip exfoliate cream, (a cream with small beads to exfoliate) massaged into the lip and removed with a soft warm washcloth.

Or if you don’t have a lip exfoliate cream, massage the lip with the warm wash cloth in circular motions, then add a lip balm to add moisture. Use a lip brush to apply the lipstick or gloss, this will give precision. Always blot the first coat with a tissue, then apply the second coat, this layering gives a lasting effect.

If you’re not so confident with a brush, use a lip liner pared at the tip, in the same or similar tone as your lipstick and draw on the edge of your lip line. Face the pencil flat to the lip line (tip facing downwards) and draw upwards and inwards. (Try not use the tip of the pencil, as this can lead to unevenness in the line). Then apply the lipstick or gloss over this line and blend inwards towards the centre. Any mistakes with the line or lipstick, can be removed by a cotton bud or mixing a little concealer on the edge to give a perfect lip.

Good Tip : Highlight the cupids bow (curve on top of lip) with a reflective opal pigment powder or eye shadow, this gives a natural pout to the top of the lip.

Good Tip : If wearing a bright lip, this will draw more attention to the skin.So if you add a serum to your moisturiser or foundation this will brighten the skin. Or a mineral powder with reflective properties will also add a glow to the skin, if buffed on with a buffer brush.

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